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Isobel O'Connor Ramsey


I guess I should start with Hello! 

I'm Isobel Ramsey, and I am a proud graduate of Missouri State University's BFA Musical Theater Class of 2022!

My mission as a performer is to use art and theater to show our similarities and bridge the gap between our differences; To change an audience's point of view.

I believe theater is such a powerful vehicle for communication and change.

While performance is my passion, many other facets of my life make up who I am.

I have spent most of my employment as a seamstress or working with costumes, I am a painter and an artist with a little training in scene painting and an eagerness to explore that more, I love science and nature with a special interest in Astronomy and Paleontology, and I have a passion for using my art in any form to help my community. 

I am also a Puppeteer! 

Sewing and


I have been working in the Missouri State University costume shop as a Costume Shop Assistant for 4 years, and spent the summer of 2021 working as an intern at Sugarcane Studios. I've always had an interest in fashion design, costuming, and telling stories through garments. Here are a few of my projects! 

Visual Art

I am a visual artist! I experiment with all sorts of mediums, and I love working with new materials, but I prefer watercolor and acrylic paints. Here are a few examples of my art!


I've recently picked up puppeteering and had the honor of performing with a St. Louis artist, Aloha Mischeax, at the St Louis Art Museum as DJ Reggie! Follow Reggie on Instagram @dj.reggie.007 !


Cabarets for Charity

I started cabarets for charity 5 years ago to give back to my community using theater. Each year we select a charity and choose a theme and with the help of the small team I've gathered along the way, we held our fourth cabaret in September 2023! I can't wait to see what this project grows into in years to come...

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